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How I Become a Fan of Zubeen Garg

It’s almost a fortnight since I created my blog, but my contribution towards it still remains null. In fact, I’ve failed to keep the enthusiasm with which I’ve created it. I won’t say that this is due to work pressure although it’s one of the reasons. To be honest, sometimes I really feel out of ideas; while some other times, ideas used to flood my mind in such a way that I got carried away with my thoughts and they never get the opportunity to become visible in black and white. The same thing is happening right now. I’m not sure what I’m going to write. But something I must do to break the ice in this blog, in my own blog! So, I’ll not waste my time anymore.

In most of the social network forums, if there’s a section called About Me, I used to write “A die-hard fan of Zubeen Garg”. Today, I’d like to reminisce how I become a die-hard fan of Zubeen.

The year is 1993 or 1994. I’m an Assamese by heart. In fact, I’m an Assamese before I’m a Muslim; which sometimes make me think — am I a human or a Muslim? Let’s forget who I am now. Though I’m an Assamese, I was not very fond of Assamese songs during my school days. I only listened to handful songs of Bhupen Hazarika that too from the collection of my dad. But I liked songs of Assamese movies of the earlier days sang by Dwipen Baruah. Though Bhupen Hazarika is renowned for his songs, I never personally admired him. Don’t know, but I find his contribution very less in encouraging the Assamese music scenario. Again, distraction! My God!

So, the year is 1993/94 and apart from a handful Assamese film songs, I liked the Assamese modern songs by Jitul Sonowal, a rising star then. You may call me a Jitul fan at that time. One day in my school, one of my friends told me, “Have you heard the song Maya by Zubeen?” “Zubeen! Who is this Zubeen?” was my first reaction. At that moment I was immature and thought Zubeen might be nothing but a mere hype. I did overhear Maya once or twice while my neighbor was playing the album Maya. I was confused if he is a classical singer or somebody trying something stupid out of nothing. Believe me, at that time my musical knowledge is very ordinary, I was not at all curious about Zubeen. In fact, I’m happy with the songs of Jitul Sonowal and used to think that “who the hell is this Zubeen in front of Jitul?” Do you believe, till then I even didn’t know that before the album Maya, Zubeen debuted with his hit album, Anamika. So ignorant and dumb I was. But time changes, and so my taste buds, and more things.

In first quarter of 1994, my dad got transferred to Goalpara and my complete family got shifted to Goalpara. New town, new school, new people — complete new experience. Though it’s tough for me to adjust in a new place, I started loving Goalpara within a couple of months. During the early days in Goalpara, I found an Album of Zubeen called Zubeenor Gaan in one of our neighbor uncle’s home. I thought let’s give it a try as I was eager to listen something new. The songs of Jitul had become somewhat very monotonous. So, I borrowed the cassette and played in my music system. The first complete song of Zubeen I’ve heard is “Endhar Hobo Nowaru” (Translation: I can’t be night: literal translation guys). The moment the song ended, I automatically rewound the track and played it for the second time. Don’t know what happens, but it was love at first listen and rest is history.  As I listened to the rest of the songs, I realized it’d be difficult for me to listen to somebody else in Assamese anymore. This belief of mine continues till date as I hardly listen to Assamese songs by anybody else. This is entirely my opinion and belief to which many people may differ. But to me no one can overcome the stature of Zubeen in Assamese music scene. However, I must mention here about Angarag Mahanta, the one and only other contemporary Assamese singer, whom I admire after Zubeen. But his songs fall entirely in a different genre than that of Zubeen.

So, this is how I have become a die-hard fan of Zubeen Garg. But this is not the end. I must tell you how my love for Zubeen’s songs has sustained for so long and how he revived Assamese music and make me more Assamese. But that’s some other time.


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Welcome Note

Friends, Welcome to my blog. Here, you’ll get to know some interesting events (you may or may not find intersting) of my life till date. Though it seems very tough for me, I’d also like to showcase some of my thougths on anything be it politics, religion or sports, in this blog. This is how you will also be able to know a bit of me as well as I’d be able to revamp myself, my needs and my goals. So, wish me luck and happy blogging.

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