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I strictly believe the above line as I’ve experienced the same thing in various stages of my life. Sometimes, thoughts like “why me” or “why it happened”, etc., definitely came to my mind. But ultimately in the long run, if I analyze, I have to confess most of those things happened for some good reason. There are lots of instances, but I like to mention a very simple but recent incident.

The last couple of weeks I had to work till late hours in my office. This because of some urgent delivery requirements. I usually left office at around 9 to 10 o’clock in the evening. So, on a similar day, I stayed at office till 10:45 pm. As I started my bike to leave office, the very first thought that came to my mind was which route should I take for my home to reach. I usually reach the express way from my office and then via DND flyway I take the ring road for my home. However, sometimes I also take through the Kalindi Kunj overbridge from the express way and then via nehru placy I reach home.

That day, as it was near 11 O’ clock at night, I was perplexed, don’t exactly know why. Eventually, I started my bike and reached the expressway in five minutes. Now, the same thought still kept bugging in the back of my mind. Ultimately, I took the left turn for Kalindi Kunj, but was still confused.

My confusion lost in the next few minutes as I saw a huge traffic jam in front of me just in the begining of Kalindi Kung over bridge. I immediately stopped my bike. At first, I felt like an idiot to choose this route leaving the DND flyway route, where traffic becomes very less after 10 pm. Then I thought, it’s worth to move back to my regular route. So, though I’d to drive a few hundred meters in the wrong way, I was again in my regular route towards the DND.

Just before a few minutes drive to DND, I heard continuous honking of a car just behind me. At first, I’d no idea, as the express way is very broad and since I’m riding a bike any car or heavy vehicle can overtake me easily. So, again, I felt irritated at the honking. It was nearly 11:30 pm. I kept driving my bike. After some time, a WagonR comes to my left and slowed down. I saw that I girl was saying something to me. When I too slowed down, I heard that she’s actually asking me the way to the DND flyway. I told her that she’d to take the first left from there and soon she’ll be on DND. She thanked and went away. I took increased my speed.

Then slowly I tried to cumulate the recent events after my office that day. I left office, took the express way, diverted for the Kalindi Kunj over bridge, then again revert to express way towards DND. That girl might also annoyed by the traffic in Kalindi Kunj and tried to find her way home through DND. However, if I don’t took the diversion and directly went to DND, will that girl find someone to ask for the way in the middle of the night? She might or she might not. May be this was an incident that even didn’t worth mentioning. But what I thought at that time was that it was good that I got confused in choosing my route and able to help somebody, even in the least possible way.


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Date 11-03-2009 (Time 6:45 am)

The sudden jerk of the train woke me up. I tried to look through the gap between the window cover and the glass. Light was very dim. At first I thought it was in the middle of the night as I was not finished with my sleep. But soon as I pipped throuh the window more clearly, I realized that the train had stopped in the middle of somewhere to give away the green signal to some other important train. As I looked into my watch, I understood, I woke up early, early enough to call it as one of the earliest rise of my life. It’s 6:45 and I usually wake up at 8. Sometimes, during weekend, you will find me sleeping upto 12 o’ clock or even 2 or 3 o’ clock. This does not mean that I sleep quite a lot; in fact my time to go to be is quite late. The usual time is 1:30 to 2 o’ clock at night. Sometimes, I keep awake till 3 o’ clock.

Hmm, lets forget about when I go to sleep and how much I sleep, and come back where we were. So, at 6:45 in the morning as I opened my eyes, I found that the train was on a halt somewhere in the middle of a place. As I tried to pressurise my brain to think where possibly could we be by that time, I was already in grasp of my dear sweet sleep. Next time I opened my eyes when Yasmin woke me to have breakfast.¬† I got up and got freshen in no time. As usual, we ordered non-vegeterian breakfast from the pantry. Soon after breakfast, our train reached Nagpur. It was almost 9 a.m. by then. The train waited for around 15 mins in Nagpur. After having breakfast, both yasmin an I got back to our beloved job, i.e. reading our books. The rest of the journey was as usual; nothing needs special mentioning. Just we took our lunch, kept immersed on our books, and talked in between. When we reached Kajipeth, I felt that we were about to reach Hyderabad. I remembered the name of Kajipeth from my previous visit to Hyderabad and I recollected that it didn’t take more than an hour or two from Kajipeth to Hyderbad. Actually it’s not Hyderabad but Secunderabad. It was around 5 O’ clock in the evening when we reached Kajipeth and by 7 pm we were in Secunderabad. When we were in Kajipeth we booked our hotel. Out of the station, we found ourselves in between the crowds of autos and taxis. Wasting no time, we took an auto to our destination, out hotel. It was hardly 10 mins drive to our hotel, which was situated in the heart of the Hyderabad city. It was an OK type hotel having all the required facilities.

We didn’t waste much time in the hotel. After getting freshen up, we left the hotel to explore the night life and have our dinner. We directly went to Prasads, a mall having multiplex as well as shopping complex. Being movie buffs, Yasmin and I are always ready to watch movies. So, there also, we first sneaked into the box office to enquire about the movies being available at that time. However, to our disappointment, not a single hindi or english movie was playing at that time. Though we were not language fundamentalists, we prefer not to give much pressure to understand a movie, which is in a language both of us didn’t understand. So, we gave up the idea of movie and went directly to our second favorite option, good food.

Since Yasmin is quite familiar with the restaurants in Prasads, I asked her to decide our eating spot. After moving randomly across the food courts as well as the restaurants, we decided to have our dinner in Ohris, which was according to Yasmin one of the good spots to have food of my choice. I, as usual, ordered chicken biriyani. My motto is eat hyderabadi biriyani if you are in hyderabad. You’ll not get the taste and aroma of hyderabadi biriyani in any placy, be in delhi, jaipur or agra or any other place (I haven’t gone to many places), if you don’t eat the biriyani in hyderbad. According to me, biriyani has the trademark of hyderabad. So, I ordered biriyani and also ordered chicken sizzler for Yasmin. Within 15-20 mins our food was ready. It’s was really very gud food. After having our dinner, we just roamed around for a few minutes inside Prasads. At around 10:30, we decided to call it a days and searched for an auto to our hotel. Within minutes, we reach our hotel. Since, we were quite tired of the train journey and our immediate outing thereafter, even though we thought to continue with our books, we couldn’t. When I lost myself in my sleep I don’t remember. So, in this way the most non-happening day of our journey came to an end.

This far is the part of our journey from delhi to hyderabad. But our main work will start the next day. Also, something happened that we were hoping but not expected that it would become possible.

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It was 28th March since when I’ve not updated my blog. But this does not mean I’ve not written anything. I’ve written a 24-page document on how to use the recently developed templates in Lectora, which is perfectly official. In fact, for the past one and half months, I hardly get any extra time (It is a lie, but not truly) to focus on writing on my thoughts. More precisely, I’ve not get much time to think. The posts that I started on my recent trip to Hyderabad and Bangalore haven’t reached the next day after we started the journey. I was also planning to write on some incidents that happened with me or in my surroundings during this time. But again, time is the main constraint or I may say it as the cultprit. When I reach home at around 10-30 (most of the days, sometimes it extends to 11 or 12) in the night, then my mind stays in a state, which can recognize only some programs in the TV or a light movie in the laptop before taking a good nights sleep.

I must also mention that the IPL has been also fueling in increasing the scarcity of time for my own writings. Because if someday I reach home a bit earlier, I keep myself busy with the Television until the IPL matches gets over for that day. So, lots of office works, lots of IPL matches, and some movies has almost made me a non-blogger for quite sometime. But finally, I decided to have a break from this non-blogger status, as today the work pressure in office is not that much compared to the other days. In fact I’ve finished my part of work yesterday and waiting for any changes from the client end. So, right now I’m free and since I’m free I’m thinking to write on something, which I do not find easily when I need most. Also, my immediate boss, who has become an avid blogger after seeing my blog as well as my little bit of inspiration to write blogs, has been also consistently updating me about my non-blogger status.

But overall the story remains same till now, as right now I’m despartely thinking what to write on and how to start? I think I need to give some more time to my quest, as usual!!!

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