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Yesterday’s match between Foger Federer and Andy Roddick was undoubtedly one of the greatest matches I’d seen till date. It was the final match of Wimbledon 2009 played at the centre court of All England Club. Federer’s epic victory was seen by some of the legendry tennis players like Rod Lever, Bjorn Borg, and Pete Sampras. I also feel proud to be one of the lucky viewers of the match, of course on Television.

Yesterday’s match was not only special to Federer but also to me because I am a great admirer of his game and was eagerly waiting for the moment when he’d be grabbing his 15th Grand Slam title. Things were quite different before the match started. Although Roddick was playing good tennis throughout this Wimbledon, like many others I too was quite sure that Federer would seal the match without much effort.

However, after watching the 4 hrs and 16 minutes long battle I must say I was underestimating Roddick. In fact I’ve not watched Roddick playing so good. He was almost flawless throughout until the last game, where he failed to keep his flow a bit to lose the match. But it was out and out a great watch. My respect for Roddick increased after seeing how he took the defeat gracefully. He tried his level best, put his 100% effort to win. But if you are playing against an opponent like Federer, then I think you have to put more than 100% and at the same time you shouldn’t have missed any opportunity.

Federer, in his part, was excellent, although he seemed to fumble in the 1st and 4th set a bit. However, his game in the 5th set showed how determined he was to get back his Wimbledon crown. However, unlike as I was thinking before, the result of the match brought me mixed emotion. I was happy for Federer and at the same time felt quite dejected for Roddick. He badly wanted to win but Roger was there in between him and his win eyeing his 15th Grand Slam title. Now, he will have to wait till next year, but again Federer will be there and most probably Nadal too. So, there’s every possibility that Roddick’s quest for Wimbledon crown might remain as an unfulfilled dream. That is the saddest part.


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