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Though my blog is titled “What I Think I Write”, I hardly have written anything like that. Mostly, I wrote about some of my personal experiences, which didn’t signify what I think at all. My thinking would be represented if I wrote my personal opinion on anything right from day to day activities to politics, religion, love, etc. But I’ve not. May be I want to safeguard my thoughts or I have the fear that some other may get offended by them, or something like that.

Thinking is difficult but compared to expressing your thoughts, thinking seems much easier to me. You can think anything at anytime. But giving them some verbal exposure needs lots more. Sometimes I think that we are used to think of others so much that we are unable to express what we are thinking. In a way we are losing individuality. If I look into my surroundings, I hardly find that individuality in people. No doubt, every person is different, but the quest to cope with the society has corroded that individuality keeping only some traces of it.

Lets stop about what others think for the time being. What I think? That’s the big question. Till now, in my blog at least, I was thinking only. Lets do the other part, i.e. WRITE.

I’ll start with one of the very basic subject that I have been thinking since my childhood, more precisely from the day I became aware of the ability of thinking.

What’s religion? Why you have to follow the religion? Why the existence of God is not sufficient for you to believe? How come we, the people, having different religions co-exist┬á in the same universe? Why there is war between the people of different religion, but not between the Gods of different religion (Don’t you find it funny!)? If we are human beings, then how can we be different in terms of religion? Is there any religion among the animals (I don’t know whether my poor little cat is Hindu, Muslim, or from some other religion!)? and the list goes on and on……

Loads of questions only on religion, hmmm! But if you are going for the answers to these questions, what will you expect? Don’t we know the answers ourselves or we just pretend not to know? I am very clear what I think on religion. I’m not an athiest at all, I believe in God. But I’m not follower of any religion. By birth I’m a muslim. That’s all. If I have to follow something I’d prefer humanity as a religion.

“I believe in God. But I’m not follower of any religion”. This two statements seems to be very simple, but it contradicts badly in our society. Because, in our society, if you believe in God (of some particular religion), then you follow the religion (especially meant for that particular God, strictly no other ­čÖé ). But what about believing a God that do not belongs to any of the religions that exit or to all religions? Most of the religions as per my knowledge say God is one. Then what is the fault in combining these statements as one statement? “God is ONE”. You will become traitor immediately as by saying so you have betrayed your God as well as other people of your religion (people can be really funny sometimes!).

The problem arises in Logic. If you search for a logic in religion, you are always a traitor; coz logic and religion are the two sides of a coin. Only one can exist at a time. From my childhood I have been listening that you cannot question about your religion. Being an obedient child I’ve not till date. But this does not mean that I follow everything as they must be. Beside, I haven’t kept my mind from searching the logic behind the religion. But sometime I might forget that I was an obedient child. But don’t know exactly when.

I think I have written much of my thoughts on relgion today; will write more some other time.


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