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Sometimes something unexpected happened in your life and you are left clueless what to do. There’s nothing that you can do, but to think “what life has left for you”. Right now I am in such a phase and it’s just the beginning and I don’t know where it will end.

All starts with a question to one of my old friends about another person’s life. But I think I’ve asked the question too late. Can you imagine, 11 long years I’ve taken to ask a question just to know how’s that person. In fact, I even don’t know whether I want to ask that question before or not but I ultimately asked it. When I asked it I was confident to get a very positive reply about that person. But to my horror, the consequences are devastating. Don’t know whether I did the right thing by asking the question or not but the answer I got was unimaginable, event can’t think in my dreams. It’s like if I asked it 10, 9, 8 or even 7 years before, it might change the way of my life. Can’t say it will be better than where I’m right now. I’m happy with my life. But my ignorance had brought turbulence to someone other’s life, someone that I once admired (may be today also), and that’s really painful. And it’s too late to do something to mend the things that I don’t really know if I’m responsible for or not. But somehow, my name is involved in the whole process and I’m helpless to help that person.

I think this is the real life where such unexpected things can happen that you can’t imagine in your weirdest or wildest dreams. I used to think that I can handle my life myself, but I’ve to accept this that “No”, I can’t always handle it. At least this time, I must give way to life to handle itself with time and right now I’m thinking of the same thing to do. What will happen next, time will let me know definitely.


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