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Special Kind of Happiness

The day before yesterday while I was at office, I got a call from my wife in the evening. She told me that when she entered home after office that days, our little cat Changu, came shouting meow meow to her and started circling around her feet. She was so happy that she didn’t waste a moment to tell the news to me. In fact, when I heard it from hear, I felt a sudden but different kind of happiness, which I’d not felt for a long time. You must be thinking what am I talking this all about.

Hmm, let me elaborate the whole scene. We have a little cat in our home. We call her Changu and she is very dear to both me and Yasmin. Even my sister who used to hate and fear cats earlier, has become very fond of Changu. However, from last Friday, Changu was not feeling well. In fact, she wasn’t eating at all for a couple of days. Then we take her to our regular Vet in Nitibaag. The Vet told me that she had eaten something indigestible for which she’d lost her appetite. He prescribed some medicine and advised us to give her paraffin mixed in her food.

It was Sunday and still changu wasn’t eating at all. Then we decided to feed her forcefully. So, we prepared fish soup and feed her with the help of a dropper. She was not at all in a mood of eating; but with much effort we were able to feed her a few spoons of soup with the dropper. However, her situation remained still the same. Changu became horribly quiet, no meow-meow from her, with which she used to greet us when we reached home after office. But for the past few days we were dying to hear her voice. All our effort were not working. Ultimately, on Wednesday morning, after force feeding her a few spoons of soup, we have decided to take her to the doctor after our office. Accordingly we planned to take her to another vet who kept his dispensary opened till 8:30 in the evening.

Here came Wednesday evening, i.e. the day before tomorrow. I was planning to leave office at around 6:45 so that we could took Changu to the vet. But by 6:30 I got this very very good news from Yasmin that Changu started shouting again, which was an indication of her hunger that implies she must be fed immediately.

So, I was talking about the happiness that I felt immediately after getting this news. It’s something I felt after such a long time. It’s not like that I was not happy before. But the kind of joy I feel in that time was different. In general we feel happiness if something good happens to us or to our near and dear ones. However, in case of Changu, she was not well and she can’t express what she felt at that time. That was the most depressing part. If a person gets sick, he/she can let us know about how he/she is feeling. We can also console him/her through our words and actions. However, in case of our cat, it’s different. Almost for 4 days, we are just guessing and waiting when she’d be alright. Just waiting to hear her meow meow sound, which many a times had also irritated us.

I think I’m still unable to define the kind of happines that Changu’s wellness gave me but I can conclude it as “A Divine Feeling”.


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