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PS: I Love You

Last weekend I watched the movie PS: I Love You, and I cried. This is the second time that I really cried while watching a movie. The first time was when I watched Grace is Gone last year. I’m not ashamed of crying but I hardly cry. I can count the number of times I cried in my life. That’s why many a times I think that I’m an emotionless fellow who even not moved by the death of some dear ones. Recently, my eldest uncle died of an accident. It was an untimely death and I felt terrible. My mom was devastated. But surprisingly not a single drop of tear rolled out of my eyes. Don’t know why but may be I’m not able to express my emotions or my feelings are not controlled by my mind.

However, when I was watching these two movies, I was in tears and I was unable to control them. I knew what I’m seeing was mere reel fiction. But somehow they were presented in such a subtle manner that it engrossed me completely. The treatment of the circumstances in both the movies looked so real to me that I felt like I’d have acted the same way if I were in place of the characters. The first movie shows a helpless father who doesn’t know how to tell his two daughters about the untimely demise of their mother at war. The second one shows a tormented wife who finds it hard to come out the fact that her husband died of brain tumor and that too very untimely. The common thing about the two movies is that both of them deals in the aftermath of death of someone dear to the protagonists.

Though I cried watching both the movies, I must say the two movies cannot be at all categorized as tragedies. They are kind of those inspiring movies that helps me in learning more about life, facing the difficult situations, and most importantly realizing what love is from a more clear dimension. There’s also a feel-good factor in both the movies, which is very hard to find in movies now a days. I can relate Forest Gump in this context exclusively, which is the best feel-good movie I watched till date.

If you ask me, I’ll definitely recommend you to watch these two movies. Don’t bother about the sad part, but you’ll definitely feel good at the end of the movie. Also, sometimes being sad is good, because then you can understand the true value of happiness.


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