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I Love Gems :-)

Apart from the recent visit to Assam and my appraisal, nothing significant is happening in life now a days. Due to consistent work pressure from the past few weeks my blogging status also remains standstill. Even I’m unable to give proper time to my new guitar that I brought hoping to improve my guitar learning.

However, between all these, last week I received a testimonial in Orkut from one of my former colleagues. She is not only a colleague but also a very good friend of mine and my wife’s as well. I was nostalgic reading her testimonial, when she wrote about our working days and how I used to eat Cadbury’s Gems. I literally forgot how much I loved to eat Gems. I am not a chocolate lover, but I like Gems from the day I ate it for the first time. But reading her testimonial, I realized that I hadn’t eaten Gems for a long time may be a year or two. This is not like that I started disliking Gems but I forget to cherish my tastes due to lack of time or may be due to my reluctance to think what I used to like earlier. But this very small incident has inspired me to think over again about the things I liked to do in my earlier days, like reading tinkle, playing online pool, a little bit of singing, chatting with my friends, watching movies with friends, and of course pop in Gems, and many more.


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