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The Changes in Me!

A few days ago, one of my gud friends told me that I had changed a from what I was 4 years ago. In a light note, YES definitely, I’ve changed. I was bachelor 4 years ago but now happily married for 2 years. In this context, I remember one instance of my University days. “What is the change you want to see in Raza?”, This was the question, my then girlfriend Yasmin (currently wife :-)) had to answer in a function. And her answer was straight; she wanted to change me from boyfriend to husband. So, I’ve really changed dear :-).

But when I asked the question to myself, “Have I really changed in these four years?”, it made me think for a while. To my opinion, people do not change. By change, I am pointing here to the basic human qualities, i.e. a person’s character or pesonality or what s/he thinks. This is entirely my personal view. The basic nature of a person never changes unless s/he has to come across some life changing circumstances.

So, as I compared myself to my opinion, I had to look back to the person I was four years ago. That time, I was a working bachelor living in a rented apartment who liked to hang out with his friends and whenever he got the opportunity he would sneak into the alleys of Daryaganj to buy some second-hand books. I was new to the professional world, so wasn’t sure what to do with my professional career. Salarywise, I didn’t get much money; but I was quite happy what I got at that time, coz my expectations were not that high. Me along with my friends ocassionally used to go out for movies to the PVRs and hang out in the McDs. To us McDonald’s was the best hang out zone, as the other restaurant’s were above our budget. Being movie buff, regular visit to the PVRs were a bit costly business to us. So, most of the time we used to watch movies in our personal systems. In fact, we watched so much movies that the CD shop from where we rented CDs was out of our choice of CDs. We watched almost every movie from that shop. Some movies even went through second run in our apartment.

If I try to compare myself based on these few actitivities, there will definitely arise a number of differences. Foremost, as I’m married, I’m putting up with my wife. So, no living with the friends. But my wife is my best friend. So, in a way, I’m still with my friend. Also, I along with my wife and my friends try to hang out ocassionaly, whenever we get some free time. In my current profession, My salary has mincreased in multifolds complared to what I used to get four years before. So, bye bye McDs and welcome Pizza Hut, Dominoz, Costa Coffee, Barista, KFC, Yo China, etc. etc. Still hard to welcome Ruby Tuesday, Mainland China, TGI. :-(. Also, nowadays, we don’t think much before watching movies in the PVRs. We hardly miss any good movies to watch in the theatre. But sometimes the CD shop near our place still goes out of our choices. Another big change in me is my weight. I gained quite a lot of weight. In four years I almost gained 10 kgs of fat in me. But I’m very desperate to change this change of mine. You know, I don’t like change, especially weight related changes.

Considering what I like and what I used to like four years ago, there’re a lot of things that can be recognized as changes in me. However, if you ask me, I’ll tell I still love to watch movies, like to eat out, enjoy to hang out with friends, crazy enought to watch a game of cricket that was played 10 years ago. I still enjoy reading books, but now I didn’t get much time to devote for the books. A few changes that I felt myself in me are I’ve become better familiar with the professional world after working for almost five years. I now know what to do and what not to and my decisions have become more of my mind then my heart. I truly belive theis change in me. Earlier I was always going by my heart. But now, not always, I prefer my mind. But despite these little changes, I do not feel differently for my friends I used to feel earlier. May be my bugging (I hardly miss any opportunity to bug, and I’m a great fan of PJs :-)) them fluctuate with time to time. So, sometimes someone might feel discreminated. But I promise to all that I haven’t changed at all (spare the minute plus and minus). I’m what I was and I’ll be what I am. Wow, the line seems gud, right :-). My punchline, I’m sure.


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A Little Revamp

Yesterday, I was a bit relaxed in office as there’s not much assigned or pending work to do, which is a very rare one of its kind. So, grabbing this opportunity of free time, I’ve decided to update my WordPress blog. First, I was thinking of posting something since I’ve not posted anything in the new year. However as I entered into the dashboard of my account, I thought “why not I just explore the different settings provided by WordPress first?”

First I tried some themes from the themes gallery. However, I was not satisfied with any. Ultimately trying a bunch of different themes, I found out that there’s a provision to revamp your current theme. This option seemed suitable for me and I tried a few images to replace the previous header of my blog. Finally, I fixed the header that is currently visible to you guys.

After that, I looked over other types of editing options available. I found the widgets section very interesting. I linked my Twitter account with the help of it. Also, I introduced a search option and a subscription link in my blog. So, next time you visit, and find it interesting, you can subscribe my blog :-). Seems interesting, right? I’ve also included the Category Cloud widget and a widget for displaying the calender.

Thinking these enhancements to be enough. I wrapped up my blog revamping. So, guys let me know how do you find this new look. Bye for now. Hope to post something meaningful soon.

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