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Recently I watched a number of Bolywood movies. I must mention that I watched all of them in DVD (maximum pirated), because to me a very few movies made in Bolywood are worth watching in the big screen (Don’t take it seriously, I’m not a film critic :-)). Lets forget about where to watch Bolywood movies and concentrate on what I watched recently. Among the movies I watched, I’d like to mention two movies, Pathshala and Houseful, with much of my pleasure (or displeasure :-(). Don’t ask me why I watched them; I’ve a very rare kind of ability to watch every type of movies. For instance, I watched Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag at one go (really!). Though liking the movies is something entirely different thing for me.

Let’s come to Pathshala first. After watching its teasers in TV, I thought it to be a good movie. A few songs seemed OK, even the casting was good (Nana Patekar and Shahid Kapur are not bad actors). Also, especially after watching Kaminey, my expectation from Shahid increased a bit more. Although having these positive vibes, didn’t encourage me to watch the movie in any multiplex. Rather, I waited till the pirated version of the movie to reach my nearby DVD vendor. I didn’t have to wait too long for the DVD. However, till then the critics has almost thrashed the movie. So, I allowed my expectations to be lowered further. Eventually I grabbed a DVD copy of the movie and started watching it a couple of weeks back. Just a warning before hand, this is not a typical film review, so there won’t be any story spoiler (If there’s any story in the movie???).

After watching the movie, more precisely bearing it for a couple of hours, I’ was confused and my mind was cluttered with many questions. The questions that came to my mind immediately were:

  • Why Shahid signed this movie? Didn’t he read the script or he didn’t have the ability to identify a good script. The later seems more appropriate if you go through his filmography.
  • Who is the director of the movie? Is he really a director or retardedirector (such a word much exist)?
  • What is it that (I’m still confused, that’s why that) that the movie tries to portray?
  • Why the name Pathshala?

Let’s come to my points one by one. First, why Shahid selected the movie? Shahid knows how to act but, saying so, I think he needs some one good to direct him. If you analyze his career, he seemed performing well only under good directors, like Vishal Bhardwaj or Imtiaaz Ali. Also, many a times his selection of movies really surprised me and many others. For example, movies like Fool n Final, Dil Boley Hadippa, Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi, and many more featured Shahid Kapur, coz I think he choose them. Especially after superbly done Kaminey, I still don’t understand why he did Chance Pe Dance and Pathshala.

After Shahid, the person that annoyed me most was the director of the movie. I didn’t understand what he intended to show in the movie. The script was also equally culprit. But as a director, he should have the ability to bring out the best, at least good or not bad, from a script. At no moment of the movie, I was able to understand what the movie is portraying. There’s love story, there’s teacher principal clash, There’s good teacher and bad teacher, there’s student abuse, there’s school reformation, there’s poor students and rich students, there’s talk of friendship, there’s student teacher crush, there’s long lectures, there’s students’ protests, and there’s many more. But none of them come out profoundly in the movie. Every thing seemed stuck in between somewhere. To me the theme of the movie is honest, but it is directionless. When it ends, I thought why this movie was made with such a good cast. Why nobody objected or suggested on the script. A good theme or a good motive is not enough to make a good movie. It is the implementation of that theme and its resultant outcome can decide the fate of the movie.

Next, the name of the movie, Pathshala. Is it because the entire movie is shot inside a school? But apart from that I didn’t found anything significant enough that matches the title Pathshala. Pathshala is a place, where one learns at least one lesson. But in this movie, have I learnt something? But at the same time, if you ask me to name the movie differently, honestly nothing will come to my mind. I think the people behind the movie played safe with the title.

Overall, I didn’t find anything positive about Pathshala, except the song “Aye Khuda” beautifully sung by Salim Merchant. But I still unable to relate the song to the situation where it was played in the movie. May be I’m too dumb to understand the movie and I should stop watching such movies or the movie is actually a bad one (my vote goes to the last thought).

Oops, I’ve written quite a long post on Pathshala. Now, if I start writing about Houseful, I don’t think you guys will take it sportingly. It will become a very long post, as there’s lots more to talk about Houseful compared to Pathshala, and there’s our evergreen popular Akki 🙂 with some of his outdated, over hyped humor and above all there’s Sazid Khan, who thinks only he can make a good film for Indian public. So, I’ll take a break and write about what I didn’t like (there’s hardly anything that I like, except some gay jokes) about Houseful. Till then bye and take care.


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