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A Very Random Post

It’s been quite sometime that I’m sitting in front of my laptop and there’s no psyche, no poirot, and no movie running on the screen. Even my bittorrent client is closed today. So, unusual but rightly, I’m not downloading any movie or series today. So, just thought why not write something on my blog about my uneventful (really????) life of the recent days. But there’s really nothing that I am thinking of writing in my blog right now. So, there’s every possibility that whatever follows next may be little or much disjoint.

The past few weeks of my life are not bad. In fact, shifting to Vaishali seems to be a good decision for both me and Yasmin. The house is nice, the place is well-connected and most of the day-to-day necessities are in walking distance. So, it’s like liking the place at the very outset. We haven’t explored the place that much, especially Yasmin. She’s just into the going to office and coming back to home business. Though I’ve peeped here and there in the surrounding locality to discover the fish market and the chicken market and most importantly the places from where we can order good food, in case we don’t feel cooking.

There’s also a mall call Mahagun Metro in front of our society. It’s like dream coming true for us. The mall has got the PVR cinemas. Living near (you can just walk out of my home to the PVR) a multiplex is my long time dream and ultimately it gets fulfilled. Also, the mall has a supermarket “easyday” which is the ultimately place to shop your daily, weekly, monthly, and other stuffs. Yasmin has to literally pull me out of easyday whenever we visit the place. One more good thing about the place is that, I’ve figured out that within the radius of 3-4 kms, there are at least 10 multiplexes around my house. So, you understand, there won’t be a case of tickets being sold out any more. And also, it feels to know that you have so much options for movies around you.

What else? What I’ve not explored much so far is about the eateries near our place. The mall surrounding us have some good places, but I haven’t got much time yet to explore them. The best thing is that Shipra mall has a KFC which is not too far from my place and The Bawarchi, one of my favorites, is in walking distance. This gonna be our 4th weekend in this place, not a long time at all. May be in another coupe of weeks, I’ll have a fair idea about what is there and what not in Vaishali for me.

So, I’ll stop here, and I won’t revise what I’ve written just now. Just not feeling to check what has gone out of my mind in the notepad. Feeling sleepy, but know it right that I’ll definitely gonna play at least an episode of psyche, the one that I’m still unable to complete from the past three nights. The moment it starts, and it’s morning, “Raza, Raza, wake up, it’s 7:30, please close the door, I’m going to office”, I think I’m hearing Yasmin waking me up. zzzzzzzzzzz. No, first psyche, next, zzzzzzzzzzz.


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My Dad’s Birthday

Today is my dad’s birthday. I never forget his birthday due to two reasons, one today is Viswakarma Puja, and this is the only Puja in Hindu calender (as far as I know) that is celebrated on a fixed date, i.e. 17th of September every year. The other one is, today is also one of my cousin’s birthday. So, as soon as I realized that today is Viswakarma Puja, I remembered dad’s birthday. But it’s very odd in my part that I never wish him birthday till date. Every year on this date, I call him and confirm with him about his birthday and talk about here and there things. But never actually done “happy birthday dad” kind of things. To me my relationship with dad is very open and at the same time some amount of hidden also. I don’t shy away from him with many things that many of my friends will not discuss with their dads. Even in my marriage, when it seemed it was going to be a tough job to convince my mom, I talked directly to dad and everything fell in place. So, there shouldn’t be any kind of hesitation in wishing my dad a very happy birthday. And I also think that there’s no hesitation. But how can I do something that I haven’t done in all these years? That’s the problem. But I think there’s no problem in it also. May be dad also know about it. Today also I called him in the afternoon to confirm his birthday followed by some unnecessary talks. But I’m happy that at least I haven’t forget to call him on this day and hope one day I’ll wish him on his birthday too :-).

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