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By the Water Cooler

This incident was one of the very first, in fact the 1st experience of mine in a corporate environment. It was not that hilarious or serious but whenever I think about the incident, I become nostalgic and a little smile (you may call it a grin) appears in face. So, here I go.

It was the early days of October 2004 when I got the call for the final round of interview of my 1st job. I am a very much unambitious kind of person and on getting the call for the final round the 1st question came to my mind was on what basis I cleared the previous round, I didn’t have clue (still…). But whatever, getting the call was the greatest thing for me and I was there in the organization in front of the interview board on time. Then interview was very normal apart from the questions they asks me like “What is the capital of Myanmar?”, “Which country produces tea most?”, “What is the capital of Hungary?” (to check my international knowledge), etc. Most of the questions were of the same kind, which I didn’t have to bother much. Coz I answered the ones I know immediately and confessed and apologized for my inability to respond to the rest. But overall, I thought they are OK with me (then also my mind was asking, why me? why me?).

Next, came the biggest question of my life at that moment, “What is your salary expectation?” I didn’t have any clue. I was at the final round of my very 1st job, I didn’t have any prior experience, even I didn’t consult with any of my seniors or working friends regarding this salary thing. The main reason might be my low expectation to get the job or finding any valid reason for them to hire me. I tried my best to explain that I didn’t have any high expectation, in fact I didn’t have any expectation. But they insisted that I had to tell them my salary expectation.

Then I thought, “Let’s give it a thought :-),” and then calculated my expenditures per month for the last 3 months’ staying in Delhi and ultimately figured out that if I get 5K I’d be more than happy (the grin again appears). When I let them know my so called more than happy expectation, they really surprised me by telling me that I’d approximately get around 8-9K per month including the incentives. So, I was very confused as my more than happy was 5K. So, when I came out of the interview room with my offer letter, I was very very and more and more than happy.

Nowadays, I really missed that kind of happiness, though I earn much more than that since it was almost 6 years of my career. But then, with time and experience, my expectations has increased manifold and those moments become a part of my nostalgia, thinking and asking myself “Am I the same guy 6 years ago, or have become someone different?” What about a heavy duty line to end my post? Ahem, It’s called LIFE.

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Recently I watched the movie, Robot, starring Rajnikant. This was my theatrical experience of any Rajnikant Movie. I wanted to watch Robot due to two reasons, one was to see a Rajni movie after a long long time, the last one I remember was watching bits and peices of Chandramukhi (the tamil version of Bhul Bhulayya) in Television. The other reason was to see the special effects used in the movie. Till date none of the movies that were made in the name of sci-fi or superhero claiming to be full of exquisite thrills and effects and mindblowing stunts are able to statisfy me. In fact, I have developed a sort of notion that Bolywood will never be able to compete with even any of the low-budget Holywood thrillers in terms stunts and special effect. But the promotions of Robot showed a bit of ray of hope in the desert of my faith and so, I went to watch the movie with some expectation, not in part of Rajni but in part of the movie technologies.

After watching the movie, I must confess that it wasn’t a disappointment at all. It has really good stunts and special effects. Though there was lots of scope for perfection, but overall it was up to my expectations. However, if you ask me about the movie regarding story or Rajni, I think I won’t be able to give a thumbs up. It’s because I was never a Rajni fan, so watching him playing a hard-hitting robot, dancing, jumping, fighting all over, would never be able to woo me as a viewer. Also, the story has nothing new to offer, in fact in recent times, after watching movies like Inception, I find it really hard to love a movie based on story or direction.  But yes, I like the way he portrays both the characters and that too with such an ease is really commendable. Another let down in the movie was use of the songs. No doubt the music of Robot was good, but there were over usage of songs in the movie. My overall recommendation for Robot will be watchable for those who wanted to watch a new level of movie making, and a must watch for the Rajni fans. One more thing, after watching Robot, my expectation for Ra.One (being an ardent SRK fan) has increased manifold. So, eagerly waiting to see what Shah Rukh will be offering in his grand venture.

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A Funny Incident

A funny incident happened yesterday. I was on my way back to home on my bike after the office. I was driving fast, though not too fast, it’s around 60kmph. Then suddenly I saw that the traffic light I was about to reach had become yellow. At any moment it would change to a red light. So, I increased my bike’s speed further thinking that I would be able to cross it while it was yellow. But to my dismay as I was about to cross it, the signal became red and I pressed the brakes immediately. It’s difficult to stop the bike immediately at that time, but to my good luck, I was able to stop it. But my bike was way ahead of the zebra lines and I was looking around to check the availability of any traffic police nearby. Then suddenly a policeman arrived from nowhere and sat behind me and told “chalo chowki (let’s go to chowki.” I was surprised and perplexed at the same time. To me, Chowki is a police station; so I was sure that there’s no escape for me from getting booked then. I was cursing myself as well as my bad luck and my chain of thoughts were busy leading me to the different possible consequences of the situation. Then suddenly the policeman asked me to drive my bike although the red light was still shining. I got more confused and looked at him. He told me that I could manage to sweep through the traffic as there was very less rush and he needed to reach Chowki ASAP. Oops, then only I realized that the policeman actually sat on my bike for a lift and he not only asked for the lift but also to break traffic rules. I’m confused again, thinking what to do? break the rules or follow. But since my mind was already fatigued with my non-stop array of thoughts, I obeyed the policeman and drove in between the traffic feeling relieved a bit. The policeman got down at the Chowki (which is nothing but one of the bus stop on my route) thanking me, and I continued my journey to reach home.

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