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A Nice Link

Recently, while surfing online, I came to know about a new site http://www.43things.com/. It’s a very simple site about setting your resolutions for the year ahead. Here, you can list your resolutions one by one, set timelines for their completion, and if require you can set reminders for those resolutions. Since I like to make new year resolutions most of the times, though I hardly follow up to check the fulfillment of most of the resolutions, this site grabs my attention at the very first visit. Also, this year I haven’t made any resolutions during the new year eve, so this site allows me to list some of my tasks (I wouldn’t say resolutions any more) which I’m planning to do during 2011.  I’m calling them tasks as being worked in a so called professional environment for more than six years, I’ve become quite comfortable in assigning, updating and resolving tasks :-). So, I’m hoping I will be able to complete these tasks listed in http://www.43things.com/ before the end of this years without any delay of the time line.


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My movie watching habit has changed quite a lot since start of 2010 and I’ve become a bit selective in watching movies unlike I used to see whatever was served before in the past few years. So, looking back at 2010, I must say that I’ve watched quite a number a good movies, mostly from Hollywood. If you asked me what about Bollywood or why not Bollywood, then I’ll say I feel sorry for Bollywood. So many movies get released every year, yet only a handful of them are watchable. However, this is purely based on my choice and interest of watching movies and is definitely going to differ with many of my co-movie goers. So, when I’ll mention my favorite movies of 2010, feel free to pen them if they deserve in your opinion.

So, you just come to know what I’m going to write, right? About my favorite movies of 2010? But the list of my favorites is a long one as I became a bit choosy in 2010. Therefore, in this post I’m going to mention about the five movies that I loved most. The list starts with Inception and ends with A-Team. In between, lies Udaan, Due Date and How to Train Your Dragon.

Inception: Inception is the only movie that has made me think what the directors of other movies do to their films (this applies for most of the films I watched). It’s the kind of movie I’m expecting from Christopher Nolan after watching his previous based-on-comics flick The Dark Knight. I liked TDK so much that when I saw the first teaser of Inception, I was quite skeptic about its success. In fact I was least impressed the first time. For me to better TDK, there must be something very different, which was may be not imaginable for me. But Nolan proved me complete wrong when I watched Inception the very second day of its released. After watching the movie, I came out of the theatre with a heavy head with the thought “Am I dreaming?” Nolan bowled me over again after TDK with Inception with a kind of story and imagination that seeks some amount of intelligence and imagination from the viewers too (I’m being honest here, most of the Hindi producer/directors request the viewers to leave their brains out to watch their full on (??) entertaining movies). For me if you did not understand (I won’t say ‘like/love’ instead of understand, because there are people who used to dislike a good movie) Inception, then there is no fault in the movie: however, you must definitely check yourself :-).

Udaan: Udaan is in the 2nd place of my list. Though it’s one of the very few Bollywood flicks that I liked this year, with its uncompromised script, impeccable execution, perfect casting, and soothing music, it stands very tall among its contemporaries. In one word Udaan is Brave. I don’t know much about poems or poetry but another word for Udaan is pure Poetry. To me, loving Udaan is a gradual process. When the music of the film released, I loved it instantly. As I continued listening to the songs, my interest for the movie and the love for its music increased in the same proportion. The music of Udaan is a kind of fresh sound (thanks Amit Trivedi once again for coming up yet again with some brilliant compositions), which you will not find in a typical Bollywood movie; in fact you’ll not find such music in a non-typical Bollywood flick also. The lyrics of the songs are not only awesome but also thought provoking. A simple sample is: (Bear with my Hindi and then my translation skills)

Subah ki kirno ko roke jo salaakhein hain kaha (Where is the barrier that prevents the morning rays)

Jo khayalon pe pehre daalein woh aankehin hain kaha (Where are the eyes that guards/shields the thoughts)

Par khulne ki deri hain parinde urke choomenge — asmaan asmaan asmaan (It’s only the wait until their wings get opened when the birds will fly and embrace/kiss the sky)

Watching Udaan, I felt the kind of happiness after a long time, which I felt watching movies like Forest Gump, Dorr, or Swadesh. The feeling is more than happiness or satisfaction, more precisely I felt triumphant after watching Udaan.

Due Date: I hardly remember the instances when I laughed out so loud while watching a movie. Due Date is exactly the kind of movie where I laughed without any inhibition. In fact, there is no option but to laugh watching this movie. Although the length of the movies is quite short and the number of characters is also not a large one, but every moment of the movie is fun-filled. Sometimes circumstances are unimaginable, yet funny to the core. The casting is perfect for the movie. I’m already a fan of Robert Downey Jr. after watching Sherlock Holmes last year and he did every justice to his role. I heard about Zach Galifianakis from Hangover fame. His role is so weirdly good in the movie that I can’t explain his antics in black and white. You have to watch Due Date to see what kind of hilarious chaos he can bring to the normal life of a person. So, if you want to have a good laugh with brains definitely, then go for Due Date instead of the sick Bollywood’s so called comedies.

How to Train Your Dragon: This is the fourth movie in my list and the last one that I watched in 2010. I like HTTYD because the dragons in the movie didn’t scare me instead I adore and love them. I also liked it because every minute of the movie it made me think of my little cute and naughty pet Dhun Dhun (a cat). Training the dragon in the movie seemed to me like training my cat in my household. So, liking HTTYD is pure personal feeling. If you have a pet, then this is a must watch for you. But if you have none, then go and get one first.

A–Team: I think I don’t have to tell much about this one. Most of you guys must be surprised by the inclusion of A-Team to this list. But once again, A-Team is pure personal and fun and nostalgic. I’m a fan of action movies from the time I knew about movies. So, for me A-Team has all the elements needed for an out-and-out action flick. It has some unbelievably breathtaking sequences, which I know were pure special effects. But they were made in such a way that I don’t have to think whether they are real or fake while watching, the movie. For me watching A-Team was my guilty pleasure of 2010.

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I’ve been acting inert in my blog for quite some time. It’s more than a month. There’re many incomplete posts that I started at different times during this period. But somehow I wasn’t able to complete them and ultimately they didn’t got a life in my blog. But yesterday while visiting my dashboard in WordPress, I came across this interesting topic which motivated me quite well to become active in my blog. So, after again slogging a day, finally I’ve decided that I will rejuvenate my inner blogger and blog more often which I failed to do in my two-year stint of blogging till now. So, rather thinking about any topic to write for the blog, I’m going to start without any topic right now. I’ll post in my blog everyday about anything I like/dislike or whatever for all 2011 (the year starts late for me :-)). Though I’ve decided to write every day, I’m sure definitely there going to be some misses. So, I’ll try to write everyday and if possible sometimes even multiple posts in a day so that if I miss someday, it will cover up for that.

Right now I’m aiming to publish at least 100 posts in my blog during this current year. I know it will not be a cake walk for me but I’m sure it’ll be fun as I love blogging and at the same time, it will going to be a wonderful and stimulating experience. Therefore I’m promising to make use of the DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

I also hereby take the opportunity to welcome new bloggers and surfers in my blog. If you are new to my blog or if you know about my blog already, I hope you all will encourage me with comments, likes, and good will along the way of my journey.

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