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It’s been almost two months (like ages for me) that I haven’t written anything in my blog. It’s not like I haven’t tried. I started writing on many topics, like my recent days in New Jersey and New York, about how crazy and unjust as Indian fans we are, about one of my favorite TV character Mr. Brown (remember Mind Your Language). However, not a single of these topics has seen the last period. Don’t know why, but somehow I’ve lost the enthusiasm to write. May be I’m stressed out; there’s a lot reason to be so. But being stressed out really never bothers me. So, why now, still no clue. I think I’ve to try harder to bring back myself to my blog. There are lots of ideas in my mind to improve the blog, like adding a couple of new pages, updating the widgets, writing a post on something entirely new, and many more. I should have to focus on doing at least a few of these things in the coming days.

Also, I’ve to update my daily routine to a large extent. I’m like immersed in the world of crime and detection with series like Sherlock, Criminal Minds, Inspector Linley Mysteries, Dexter, Psych, and a few other similar ones. No doubt, I enjoy them very much, but it also affected me to some extent. Like, I’ve become obsessed with watching Criminal Minds. Every night, I didn’t go to sleep without watching a couple of Criminal Minds episodes. Unlike other crime and mystery series, this series is something which focuses more on the criminal psych, their background and the reason to become criminals, mostly serial killers. In a way it is disturbing. Sometimes, I wonder, how come a person can do such a heinous crime. Even I’d bad dreams quite a few times after watching such an episode. But still my obsession with CM has not lessened. This not only hampers my regular sleep but also affects many of my favorite activities.

I think I’ve to come out of these and the sooner is better for me. This is the first step of my quest to get myself back into normal blogging and doing my other favorite stuffs like, playing my guitar, a little bit of singing, and gyming for sure. No doubt I can’t escape from crime and detection series, but I’ve to keep control in myself and minimize the frequency.


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