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It was a pleasant Monday morning, July 4th, and an American holiday (there’s no holiday in my office though). I was on pre-paternity leave as the doctors and ultrasounds had declared that that was the day. We reached the 9th floor of Max Super Specialty Hospital at IP extension on that day at around 7:30 am. It was a mixed feeling as Yasmin headed towards the labor room, beyond which I was restricted to accompany her. I was kind of happy as we were eager to see the new member of our family, yet I was worried about the labor pain Yasmin was about to go through.

At 8 am, our doctor called me and told that Yasmin was injected with medication to induce labor pain, which was quite a worry for me and I know for Yasmin too. Then after an hour a sister (nurse) came to the rest room where me along with my mom and mom-in-law were sitting and informed that Yasmin wanted to see me. The next moment I was in the labor room beside her. Yasmin’s condition was not good at all. She was getting good pain (according to our doctor). The nurse in the labor room told me that I should not stay there for long, but I insisted and stayed there for quite some time.

Then again I was in the rest room with my moms leaving Yasmin in the midst of extreme pain. I was again in the labor room at around 11:00 am. This time our doctor was there with Yasmin and was quite happy to see the intensity of her pain. She even told us that if the intensity kept rising at that pace, there’s every possibility that Yasmin might deliver normally in the next couple of hours. But that very moment something accidental happened, more precisely, I must not term it as accidental but as a relief for Yasmin. Some complication arose and the doctor explained that an immediate c-section was required to avoid any kind of risk with the baby. Yasmin seemed OK to have a c-section rather than bearing the extreme pain for another couple of hours. Though it sounds unconvincing, I was happy at that moment, for Yasmin of course, but more to learn that within the next hour I’d be able to see my baby girl. Yes, baby girl, you heard it right. We (Yasmin and I) didn’t know from where the notion came, but we were quite sure that we would have a baby girl. I hadn’t searched a single baby boy name. I do remember telling Yasmin that if we did have a baby boy I’d be so frustrated that I’d give him a girl’s name (the name I suggested at that time was Dhun Dhun Hussain, poor boy:-)).

After hearing about the cesarean from the doctor, I informed my moms about it and at the same time we moved near the Operation Theatre as Yasmin was taken there. Moms were bit tense thinking about Yasmin’s impending operation. The time was 11:30 am and from my friends who had previous cesarean experience I came to knew that the operation would take at least 30 mins. So, I thought “It’s the longest 30 minutes I have to kill now:-(“. Minutes were passing one by one and I was feeling blank most of the time besides trying to comfort my mom and MIL from their clutches of fear of caesarian. Do you believe my mom is still afraid of injections and to avoid them and any other such treatment she doesn’t let us know if she gets little cuts or scratches most of the times?

Okey, I’ll talk about my mom’s phobias later. Now, we’ll go back near the OT in Max hospital. It was really one of the longest half an hour of my life, although the most rewarding one so far. So, at last it was five minutes past twelve and I heard someone calling out Yasmin’s name from the OT. I rushed to the OT door and in a moment a doctor came near me holding a baby in his hand. He handed the baby to me and told me something about the complications that might arise. I understood what he told me completely, but seriously I didn’t like to talk with him at that moment. I just held my little girl in my hand and it was like she’s always there for us. Definitely it was a strange feeling when I was holding her; it was like we got something that we craved for ages along with some unknown feeling that I couldn’t explain to anybody. I knew Yasmin was also happy as much as I was at that moment but her operation was not over yet. So, I couldn’t see her with our angel at that moment. The next moment I was surrounded by my mom and MIL followed by lots of phone calls and of course happiness that still continues with every day with our little Ayaat. Yes, the name is Ayaat Tahseen Hussain. Sometimes, we call her Dhundhun’s (our pet cat but more like our 1st child) little sister too.


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