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I have a blog, really??????

It should be “I had a blog!” Though it sounds weird, but looking at the frequency of my posts in the blog, it’s past tense long ago. The last post I wrote in my blog was July 2011, the month Ayaat came to our life. Post that blog, it’s been almost a year and 10 months, and I haven’t written a single post in my blog.

What exactly went wrong that I stopped writing at all? I was never a writer, but liked to try to convert my thoughts into black and white whenever I got time. So, have I stopped thinking of late? May be, nowadays, the mind doesn’t get much time to think. Most of the time is consumed by office works, the rest I got, I like to spend with my family, especially my daughter, and what left I directly invest in TV series, though I’m not talking about Saas Bahu series.

If I think hard, it’s not only blog that I stopped for a long period of time. I’m finding it difficult to remember the name of the last book that I read completely. There’s a long list of books that I started and stopped abruptly in between, and I never saw their last page.

So, no blogging, no reading, what else?  I’ve also become quite a bit distant from my guitar these days. It’s just last weekend, I realized that my guitar needs service and repair and the cause was my infrequent endeavor with the guitar. Although didn’t know what pushed me, I went out and got my guitar repaired, even ignoring the scorching heat of the day, which is sufficient to demotivate not to do things during Delhi summer.

So, among lots of no dos, I think I’ll try to revive my guitar playing a bit in the coming days. I don’t know whether I’ll become regular again to my blog and books, but right now thinking about giving them a try too. So, I’ll wait and see….


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