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It was a pleasant Monday morning, July 4th, and an American holiday (there’s no holiday in my office though). I was on pre-paternity leave as the doctors and ultrasounds had declared that that was the day. We reached the 9th floor of Max Super Specialty Hospital at IP extension on that day at around 7:30 am. It was a mixed feeling as Yasmin headed towards the labor room, beyond which I was restricted to accompany her. I was kind of happy as we were eager to see the new member of our family, yet I was worried about the labor pain Yasmin was about to go through.

At 8 am, our doctor called me and told that Yasmin was injected with medication to induce labor pain, which was quite a worry for me and I know for Yasmin too. Then after an hour a sister (nurse) came to the rest room where me along with my mom and mom-in-law were sitting and informed that Yasmin wanted to see me. The next moment I was in the labor room beside her. Yasmin’s condition was not good at all. She was getting good pain (according to our doctor). The nurse in the labor room told me that I should not stay there for long, but I insisted and stayed there for quite some time.

Then again I was in the rest room with my moms leaving Yasmin in the midst of extreme pain. I was again in the labor room at around 11:00 am. This time our doctor was there with Yasmin and was quite happy to see the intensity of her pain. She even told us that if the intensity kept rising at that pace, there’s every possibility that Yasmin might deliver normally in the next couple of hours. But that very moment something accidental happened, more precisely, I must not term it as accidental but as a relief for Yasmin. Some complication arose and the doctor explained that an immediate c-section was required to avoid any kind of risk with the baby. Yasmin seemed OK to have a c-section rather than bearing the extreme pain for another couple of hours. Though it sounds unconvincing, I was happy at that moment, for Yasmin of course, but more to learn that within the next hour I’d be able to see my baby girl. Yes, baby girl, you heard it right. We (Yasmin and I) didn’t know from where the notion came, but we were quite sure that we would have a baby girl. I hadn’t searched a single baby boy name. I do remember telling Yasmin that if we did have a baby boy I’d be so frustrated that I’d give him a girl’s name (the name I suggested at that time was Dhun Dhun Hussain, poor boy:-)).

After hearing about the cesarean from the doctor, I informed my moms about it and at the same time we moved near the Operation Theatre as Yasmin was taken there. Moms were bit tense thinking about Yasmin’s impending operation. The time was 11:30 am and from my friends who had previous cesarean experience I came to knew that the operation would take at least 30 mins. So, I thought “It’s the longest 30 minutes I have to kill now:-(“. Minutes were passing one by one and I was feeling blank most of the time besides trying to comfort my mom and MIL from their clutches of fear of caesarian. Do you believe my mom is still afraid of injections and to avoid them and any other such treatment she doesn’t let us know if she gets little cuts or scratches most of the times?

Okey, I’ll talk about my mom’s phobias later. Now, we’ll go back near the OT in Max hospital. It was really one of the longest half an hour of my life, although the most rewarding one so far. So, at last it was five minutes past twelve and I heard someone calling out Yasmin’s name from the OT. I rushed to the OT door and in a moment a doctor came near me holding a baby in his hand. He handed the baby to me and told me something about the complications that might arise. I understood what he told me completely, but seriously I didn’t like to talk with him at that moment. I just held my little girl in my hand and it was like she’s always there for us. Definitely it was a strange feeling when I was holding her; it was like we got something that we craved for ages along with some unknown feeling that I couldn’t explain to anybody. I knew Yasmin was also happy as much as I was at that moment but her operation was not over yet. So, I couldn’t see her with our angel at that moment. The next moment I was surrounded by my mom and MIL followed by lots of phone calls and of course happiness that still continues with every day with our little Ayaat. Yes, the name is Ayaat Tahseen Hussain. Sometimes, we call her Dhundhun’s (our pet cat but more like our 1st child) little sister too.


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Yesterday I was watching a Hindi-dubbed movie in UTV Action channel while taking dinner. I am not fond of the regular dubbed movies in this channel, but yesterday I realized that the levels of stupidity in dubbing had definitely reached a new low after watching a few scenes of the movie. It was an old Jackie Chan movie titled Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. Don’t worry I’m not going to bother you with the review. I’m just citing some dialogs of the movie that too in plain hindi just as I heard yesterday:

Scene: Jackie Chan in a duel with another fighter

Sequence I:

Fighter: Tumne yeh technique kaha se sikha? (Where did you learn this technique?)

Jackie Chan: UTV Action main (In UTV Action, LOL)

Sequence II:

Jackie Chan: Ab tum emotional attyachar kar rahe ho! (Now, you are playing with my emotions)

Fighter: Emotional Attyachar to Bindaas pe aati hain (Emotional Attyachar comes only on Bindaas (another UTV channel)

Moreover, the movie was full of dialogs, where people  referred to Mahatma Gandhi (as Bapu) and his idealism to follow non-violence. Now, what will you call such weird dubbing? Are they promoting their channel or they are trying too hard to prove how stupid someone can be?

I also remember  a dubbed movie that I had watched  long time back, where the background score and even the songs played in the background were from the Hindi movie, Murder. At that time, I couldn’t relate the songs to the movie as that particular movie too was an action flick and by no stretch of imagination can Murder be called an action flick . May be I was dumb enough not to understand such genius and out-of-the-box experimentation in dubbing.  Poor me 😦

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Am I Corrupt?

Last Sunday I was on my way to New Delhi domestic airport to pick my sister who is arriving from Guwahati. She was supposed to reach the airport by 8:30, but the flight got delayed and her arrival time changed to 11:50 pm. I started for the airport a bit early, near about 9:30 pm. Normally, it takes almost one hour to reach the airport from my place in Ghaziabad. Since the arrival time was after 11 pm and there would be some time consumed in luggage collection, I decided to wait on the way for sometime before the airport. So, while I was driving I saw some cars parked in a service lane near Vasant Vihar, from where airport is just about 4-5 kilometers. There are some cabs also waiting there. It was not an official parking lot, but there’s no sign for no parking too. So, I decided to park my car there and wait for the arrival of my sister’s flight. The main reason to do so was you cannot park your car for longer time in the airport’s arrival zone and if you want to park your car in the airport parking, it is very time consuming; you not only have to be on queue to get entry into the parking lot but also you have to wait in a long queue to move out of the parking. Therefore, I decided to stop my car beside the already parked cars in the Service lane near Vasant Vihar.

I was sitting inside my car listening to some music played in the FM without much thinking. Suddenly I heard a knock on my car’s window. I looked up and saw a policeman asking me to come out of the car. I lowered my car’s window and asked him what the matter was. But he didn’t listened to me. His simple instructions was “Pick up your registration, license, and come out of the car”. I was a bit perplexed as well as confused for some time. Then I took my car papers and wallet and got down from the car. The moment I got down, he started talking about Chalan, parking in the no parking area, etc. etc. I tried to explain him that I hadn’t seen any sign for no parking and I parked there because I saw other cars already parked in that area. But all my reasonings were unable to find an entry to the policeman’s ears. I must say that he was not at all rude with me, but at the same time, he was also not ready to listen to me. Still I tried to explain that it was my fault as I didn’t realize that it was a no parking zone. But he was insisted on keeping my registration and license and giving me the ticket. I was a bit angry but couldn’t react, coz I know it could make thing worsen.

So, I again asked him politely if there was any other mean that could prevent me from getting the ticket. I was clear in my intensions. I apologized first for something that I didn’t do intentionally. But since, there’s no value of sincerity, I took the wrong way. I know my approach was incorrect but at the same time, I didn’t want to hand him over my license and registration and next visit the court to pay out the chalan. The money was not the matter, but the time. I live in Ghaziabad and the court will be somewhere in Delhi. I had to waste one of my office days for something I didn’t do intentionally. So, I tried to negotiate with the policeman. As I enquired him about any other way to resolve the issue, he promptly replied “You are an educated person, should I need to explain you”. I got the hint and opened my wallet and gave him Rs200. He willingly took the money and told me that I can park there till he was patrolling the area. I was relieved and at the same time confused at the policeman’s change of behavior. The man who just a few minutes ago was firm like a stone pillar on giving me a ticket for parking in an unauthorized area was then asked me to stay there as long as he was there. It was funny but sad too. This is how I act corruptly in many such situations. But the question remains what pushed me to act corrupt? Would not be it simple if the policeman just warned me for parking in the no parking zone that day and let me went as it wasn’t intentional. It will be two-way beneficial. Neither the policeman nor I had to be indulged in some kind of corruption.

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By the Water Cooler

This incident was one of the very first, in fact the 1st experience of mine in a corporate environment. It was not that hilarious or serious but whenever I think about the incident, I become nostalgic and a little smile (you may call it a grin) appears in face. So, here I go.

It was the early days of October 2004 when I got the call for the final round of interview of my 1st job. I am a very much unambitious kind of person and on getting the call for the final round the 1st question came to my mind was on what basis I cleared the previous round, I didn’t have clue (still…). But whatever, getting the call was the greatest thing for me and I was there in the organization in front of the interview board on time. Then interview was very normal apart from the questions they asks me like “What is the capital of Myanmar?”, “Which country produces tea most?”, “What is the capital of Hungary?” (to check my international knowledge), etc. Most of the questions were of the same kind, which I didn’t have to bother much. Coz I answered the ones I know immediately and confessed and apologized for my inability to respond to the rest. But overall, I thought they are OK with me (then also my mind was asking, why me? why me?).

Next, came the biggest question of my life at that moment, “What is your salary expectation?” I didn’t have any clue. I was at the final round of my very 1st job, I didn’t have any prior experience, even I didn’t consult with any of my seniors or working friends regarding this salary thing. The main reason might be my low expectation to get the job or finding any valid reason for them to hire me. I tried my best to explain that I didn’t have any high expectation, in fact I didn’t have any expectation. But they insisted that I had to tell them my salary expectation.

Then I thought, “Let’s give it a thought :-),” and then calculated my expenditures per month for the last 3 months’ staying in Delhi and ultimately figured out that if I get 5K I’d be more than happy (the grin again appears). When I let them know my so called more than happy expectation, they really surprised me by telling me that I’d approximately get around 8-9K per month including the incentives. So, I was very confused as my more than happy was 5K. So, when I came out of the interview room with my offer letter, I was very very and more and more than happy.

Nowadays, I really missed that kind of happiness, though I earn much more than that since it was almost 6 years of my career. But then, with time and experience, my expectations has increased manifold and those moments become a part of my nostalgia, thinking and asking myself “Am I the same guy 6 years ago, or have become someone different?” What about a heavy duty line to end my post? Ahem, It’s called LIFE.

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A Funny Incident

A funny incident happened yesterday. I was on my way back to home on my bike after the office. I was driving fast, though not too fast, it’s around 60kmph. Then suddenly I saw that the traffic light I was about to reach had become yellow. At any moment it would change to a red light. So, I increased my bike’s speed further thinking that I would be able to cross it while it was yellow. But to my dismay as I was about to cross it, the signal became red and I pressed the brakes immediately. It’s difficult to stop the bike immediately at that time, but to my good luck, I was able to stop it. But my bike was way ahead of the zebra lines and I was looking around to check the availability of any traffic police nearby. Then suddenly a policeman arrived from nowhere and sat behind me and told “chalo chowki (let’s go to chowki.” I was surprised and perplexed at the same time. To me, Chowki is a police station; so I was sure that there’s no escape for me from getting booked then. I was cursing myself as well as my bad luck and my chain of thoughts were busy leading me to the different possible consequences of the situation. Then suddenly the policeman asked me to drive my bike although the red light was still shining. I got more confused and looked at him. He told me that I could manage to sweep through the traffic as there was very less rush and he needed to reach Chowki ASAP. Oops, then only I realized that the policeman actually sat on my bike for a lift and he not only asked for the lift but also to break traffic rules. I’m confused again, thinking what to do? break the rules or follow. But since my mind was already fatigued with my non-stop array of thoughts, I obeyed the policeman and drove in between the traffic feeling relieved a bit. The policeman got down at the Chowki (which is nothing but one of the bus stop on my route) thanking me, and I continued my journey to reach home.

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My Dad’s Birthday

Today is my dad’s birthday. I never forget his birthday due to two reasons, one today is Viswakarma Puja, and this is the only Puja in Hindu calender (as far as I know) that is celebrated on a fixed date, i.e. 17th of September every year. The other one is, today is also one of my cousin’s birthday. So, as soon as I realized that today is Viswakarma Puja, I remembered dad’s birthday. But it’s very odd in my part that I never wish him birthday till date. Every year on this date, I call him and confirm with him about his birthday and talk about here and there things. But never actually done “happy birthday dad” kind of things. To me my relationship with dad is very open and at the same time some amount of hidden also. I don’t shy away from him with many things that many of my friends will not discuss with their dads. Even in my marriage, when it seemed it was going to be a tough job to convince my mom, I talked directly to dad and everything fell in place. So, there shouldn’t be any kind of hesitation in wishing my dad a very happy birthday. And I also think that there’s no hesitation. But how can I do something that I haven’t done in all these years? That’s the problem. But I think there’s no problem in it also. May be dad also know about it. Today also I called him in the afternoon to confirm his birthday followed by some unnecessary talks. But I’m happy that at least I haven’t forget to call him on this day and hope one day I’ll wish him on his birthday too :-).

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Thanks Ali Zafar

It’s unbelievable that Ali Zafar replied my tweet today morning. I still can’t believe. I asked him on Twitter regarding his website n immediately after a few mins I got a reply from him to my question. I shoot the question as a query of mine but never expected a prompt reply from him. Though I’m not a celebrity geek, but I am a great fan of Ali Zafar and it’s feel really nice to get a reply from him. As it’s unexpected, it has made me happier. Really a gud start of a day.

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